Southland Sailors Get Training Time With Sir Russell Coutts

Four upcoming and young sailors from Te Anau have got the opportunity to receive advices on sailing from Sir Russell Coutts.

The names of the boys are Twins Josh, Will Hamilton, Zac Pearson and Jack White. These four guys have been selected to participate in the NZ Winter O’pen Cup. The tournament is going to take place in Auckland on Manly Sailing Club in July.

Lease Extension For National Sailing Hall Of Fame

Lease extension was requested by National Sailing Hall of Fame before, but it does not seem to have given them requisite time as they have put in a request again. It appears that they need more time to raise the requisite funds in order to complete the City Dock building that is planned, a 12000 square foot structure.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Preparations On Swing

Only ten days have let out in the beginning of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and thus all the participants are busy in giving final touch to their boats as well as to game.

Rio Promises Action

The one person keelboat, the 2.4 Norlin OD, promises thrills and spills everywhere and 2016 Rio Paralympics will be no different. There will be a host of challengers at Rio to win the coveted gold medal.

The Rio Paralympics will be flooded with 2.4 Norlin OD world champions, sailing, world cup winners, new comers and Paralympics gold medalist.

New Sailing Simulator Program

There is a sailing simulator coming up that will help sailors to get through the freezing winters.

Indeed, traveling the oceans, offers a thrill that attracts millions across continents and cultures. There are so many sailing events and adventures that people embark upon.

These comprise of westward journeys to a new world as well as harrowing quests to reach the poles or to circle the globe. However, sailing the blue expanses of waters is always linked with the thrill of discovery and adventure.

Waters Of Guanabara Bay

With the Rio Olympics ready to begin in a few days, most teams that are participating in the world sailing category are either on their way to the event or are sitting at home, hoping to prepare for the next Olympic event that will come up next year.

Lee Parkhill is the Sailor of the Month for Sail Canada

Lee Parkhill, the Canadian Laser sailor, capped off this season at the site of the Rio Olympics 2016.

The Aquece Rio Olympic Test Event is the ultimate test for sailors expecting to represent their nation on the biggest international sporting stage in 2016. Fresh off his most recent Pan Am Games bronze medal, Lee sailed a spectacular regatta in spite of some setbacks in the list on the last day of qualifying.

Two maxi-trimarans fails to claim Jules Verne Trophy

Two maxi-trimarans that began their journey on 22nd November in an attempt to get their hands on the Jules Verne Trophy ended with nothing in hand.

The battlers were the 40 meter maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2, captained by Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard, and Francis Joyon’s 31.5 meter maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT. They sought to have the award claimed by Loïck Peyron and his magnificent crew on Banque Populaire V (which is now Spindrift 2) in January 2012.

Dismasted yacht helped by Brittany Ferries

On Sunday, a dismasted yacht in the Channel had quite a bit of luck after on board passengers on a Brittany Ferries ship saw a vessel in distress. The Mont St Michael had been going to Portsmouth from Caen and was three-forth of the way in its journey when a passenger is thought to have alarmed the yacht captain at around 5 pm.

Charter broker's day on yacht

Finishing the day on a hundred and thirty one foot luxury yacht is only a part of the job for Barbara Stork Landeweer.

As a yacht charters broker, she sells custom-made vacations on private yachts as well as travels the world to see the boats, engage clients, keep up with market trends and meet crews.